Meet the Staff

Dr. Kiran Singh

Dr. Kiran Singh

Bonnie Schneider

Bonnie Schneider

Vet Technician
Joe Neuhengen

Joe Neuhengen

Dr. Singh

Dr. Kiran Singh

“I am a 2002 graduate of Punjab Agricultural University in India. I love Veterinary Medicine because having families with happy and healthy pets is the ultimate reward. I have had several years of general practice as well as Emergency Medicine. I have spent the last several years of my career in a leadership roles, helping manage hospitals and train young veterinarians. I love watching people learn to do something and then see them succeed at it. I enjoy Internal Medicine and advanced soft tissue surgery. I have a focus on the best care for pets, from puppy/kittenhood to their senior days, with emphasis on preventative care, diet and nutrition. Having grown up in Lake County, it is so important that I am able to be back here, giving back to the community. It is very important to me that pet owner be an active part of their pet’s healthcare team. I currently live in Mettawa with my husband, son, and our cat Dasher.”

bonnie with patient

Bonnie Schneider – Certified Vet Technician

Bonnie joined Townline Animal Hospital as a Certified Veterinary Technician in August 2017. She received her Associates in Science from the Vet Tech Institute at Fox College in 2015. Bonnie has always wanted to care for animals ever since she was a little girl. Over time, Bonnie finally found her niche to provide care and compassion to companion animals and began her journey as a Technician Assistant in 2006. She really enjoys educating owners and empowering them to make the best decisions for their furry family members wellbeing. Bonnie has a special interest in Anesthesia and Surgery and really enjoys providing the best in oral care. She hopes to someday obtain her VTS in Anesthesia.

Bonnie and her husband live with their kitty cat Sierra and three dogs; Schnapps (Chihuahua Mix), Heidi (Beagle Mix), & Kasper (Samoyed).

Rhonda with patient

Joe Neuhengen – Practice Manager

I started working in veterinary medicine back in 2012 as a practice manager and have loved it ever since. I have worked as a practice manager at a few different hospitals, but I have found my home here at Townline Animal Hospital. I have always had a passion for animals and have always wanted to work with animals and what better way is there then to help keep them healthy, help make them feel better, and to watch them grow up.

I not only have a passion to help animals, but I also have a passion with training dogs. I have trained and competed with my Siberian Husky in AKC obedience and he now has 3 titles. I not only have my Siberian Husky Wrigley, but I also have a German Shepherd Sylar, and 2 cats Mad Eye and Kitten. In addition to my fur children, I also have my son Declan and my wife Morgan.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
― Anatole France